Compiler problems since 0.6.3 with Desktop IDE


Since the upgrade I have to to compile a few times before
changes takes effect in die bin file.

A lot of times I compile and flash successfully according to the compiler but then
the old code is still running ?

Any ideas what is going on ?


Can you place the device in safe mode and flash again to see if that happens?

Did that and also flash tinker every now and then, but problem still occurs randomly.

The main problem is the successful compiling of the code although an error still exits, but
when the code is compiled the second time around it then shows the error.

Or an error is corrected and the compiler still show the error exits and after the second
compiling of the code the compiling is really successful.

I now compile about 3 times to make sure and then flash with good success, but I dont
think it is supposed to function like this?

I too am having weird issues like this. I would modify 2 files, compile then upload and changes in another file were not received. Compile again and upload and then it would be. I thought it was just something weird on my end.
Other times I would make a small change in a header file, build, upload and it would download and reboot, but the new changes were not taken. rebuild again same thing, build yet again and it would work.

OK I have seen this too, however I had a theory that in my case it was the fact I was compiling form inside a Dropbox folder, if I make sure the Sync has finished first it seems to work, perhaps whats upsetting things is Windows VSS or something?

I could see that as an issue with DropBox, but everything I do is local to my PC. I shipped a product for demo 2 months ago and have not touched the IDE since. This week I got it back to do some change requests, I downloaded the latest IDE and that is when I noticed this new weird thing going on.

I am also experiencing this “lag” between edited source files, saved/persisted source files, and actual build instances…

“Dirty” files are shown in the IDE with a blue dot on the file tab. If I click compile, the IDE appears to save the file (the blue dot disappears), but the build pukes again with the same error I just edited/corrected.

I’ve proven this by simply clicking Save All from the file menu then clicking build, and the edit/correction is applied properly to my source files and things build correctly.

I’ve made mention of this to @suda, but I’ve yet to capture this in an example or video to illustrate what happens. Unsure of the exact cause, but it’s repeatable by clicking Save All before compile vs. not…

I am using v1.19.0 of the IDE build which fixed the remote library issue I reported awhile back.

I too am am using v1.19.0 of the IDE build.

Come to think of it I possibly had already disproved my own theory. To spot when this was happening I inserted a compile datetime stamp into my code that I can then read from the console. The compile datetime stamp for these failures is the date of the last sucessfully uploaded firmware not a datetime stamp reflecting the most recent time I clicked “compile and upload…” So its not that its uploading older copies of the files, its that its flashing an old binary not a new one.

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I also added a hardcoded timestamp and change it to the current time before I start compiling.

printstep(“Program 283 0638”);

Currently I click on “Save All” three times and then compile three times and then flash - It seems to
be working - but it seems to be getting worst.

I’m having the same issues. Any further resolution from anyone? I did not realize it at first and wasted a half day trying to troubleshoot code. Only eventually did I realize that despite it flashing (actually observing flash light on photon blinking) that it wasn’t flashing the latest code.

Seems too when I finally compiled multiple times (sometimes adding an error just to make sure it was actually awake and working and throwing an error back) that it finally sticks when you flash.

The files are all local to my c:. I’m having issues though with the Desktop IDE working with Onedrive (since the fall creator’s update and 0.6.3)

PS: Still drives me nuts that you have to save your file before compiling/flashing. Not consistent with Web IDE and causes unnecessary headaches.