Build temperature sensors for 5 places outdoor and indoor

I am not sure where to place this but i have 400m2 garden with some storage units and things that i like to put up to 5 temperature sensors on different places.

Is Particle Mesh right way to go or how should you do it? Its both inside and outside sensors i like to have and i why i thinking on particle Mesh is that i have a Particle Paron 2G i like to have as router becouse i dont have any internet on this place.

Another thing i looked into is if LoraWAN can be a good way?

Any ideas? Is there someone that done this?

Hi @RickardP -

Although it will work just fine, it’s worth noting that Particle Mesh (and Xenon’s) has been deprecated. Having said that, I tested driving some Stepper motors and reading Load Cell’s recently using Blynk and Mesh. You can have a look here, it might help.

Hope this helps, Friedl.

ooh, totally missed, i was planing to buy more Particle Xenon´s :slight_smile: now i need to contact Particle to se why i have not been contact to get store credit for my 3 pre ordered Xenon´s… and starting planing for something else.

@RickardP -

Well, it will still work, but not sure whether is a good idea to build new on deprecated tech ;). I used it as I had 10 Xenon’s lying around, no point in wasting them, hehe.

So there is no WiFi at these points?? I would assume the alternative would be Cellular or maybe standard WiFi (end points and one gateway, just not mesh) if the range will allow for it (each end point will need to be able to reach the gateway device)?

Regards, Friedl.

Possibly BLE will work if your garden is 20m x 20m - the BLE Group pub sub works pretty well - either with old Xenon’s using 1.5 or Argon but then WiFi might be better.

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