not loading [Resolved]

I’m having troubles trying to connect The left menu loads but on the right I can only see the spinning animation, it never load the editor content. Same network as usual, I think is a cloud problem.

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Same problem here. reports no error.

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@Dave Im also having the same issue…

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Same here, unfortunately.

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I seem to running into the same thing as well. I’ll pass it on to the team, and hope it’ll be fixed soon. Please be patient until such time. A great time to give Dev or the CLI a try :sweat_smile:?


Hi All!

Sorry about that outage this morning. It looks like a database used for caching purposes by the build IDE became unavailable. We’ve fixed the issue and scaled up the database as well to avoid this in the future. Thank you for reporting! We’ll continue to monitor the issue.



@Dave Thanks a lot for the quick repair! Great support!

I’m closing this topic as the issue has been resolved!

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