Broadcast to many?

Hey, all,

I’m making a call-button for our waiting room to indicate patient arrivals. I’d like the patient to press a button and the corresponding doctor to be notified. I’ve got the hardware down, but I’m trying to figure out the software part of the solution.

I’m looking for a way to publish the button push to a specific person. Since publish and IFTTT work on a one-to-one basis (I can only publish to one IFTTT account), I’m trying to think of another solution. For example: When the button is pushed, IFTTT will then e-mail the doctor. That doctor would then have to have a trigger for that e-mail. This solution seems to have too many “hops” and might be delayed. I’m looking for more immediate notifications.

Any thoughts with or without IFTTT? I was thinking that I could publish to a twitter account and then each doc could trigger from that. Having a web-page with a notification is another idea.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help!!!


Pushover or some other notification service may deserve a look.

I like Pushover, you can send to all devices or a particular device.