IFTTT Do button to interact with Electron for users unaffiliated with a Particle account (wording is confusing, check inside)

Hi! Sorry for that confusing title. I’m having a bit of an issue with my Electron. I can’t figure out how to design a working system that can do a pretty simple job. I just need to fire a relay when someone pushes a button on their cell phone. Here’s the requirements:

  • Fire a relay from an Electron by pressing an IFTTT DO button
  • Assign a unique identifier to each “user” and log each time they press the button (This would work just fine with a Particle.publish()
  • Only allow the DO button from authorized keys/devices/email addresses/whatever protocol I use to implement this

I can go through and set up every device myself. I was thinking of making a button to submit a POST request like shown here with a key that I create unique for each person. But that sucks because each end user would have to have their own IFTTT account and a recipe would have to be created in their name with their keys, even if DO can submit an arbitrary http request, which I don’t think there is a channel for. I also considered doing this by email with a DO button to send an email to an address, and if the address is authorized, fire the relay, but I don’t think the Electron can receive emails on its own, and I’m a little averse to having a separate email server just to receive messages and call particle functions. A third way would be to just log everyone into the same particle/IFTTT account and just set up one button, but that is by far the sloppiest way, not to mention the security and lack of unique identifier issues.

I really can’t think of any other way, without writing an entire Android/iOS app for the sole purpose of it having a button and curling with paramaters every time it is pushed. Does anyone have any insight on how I would do this?

Thanks for reading!