Bringing softAP to a particle account


I remember there was a Particle move to bring onboard some libraries.
I noticed today that this one is up for grabs, is this move still on @bsatrom ?

Tools to build a SoftAP Setup page for the Photon


Notice I have been out of IoT technical development for a couple years now, and I’m not in a place to address issues. If this code is still useful, and anyone wants to take over ownership, please reach out.

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If you’re interested in taking it over, that sounds good to me. Let me know once you’ve worked it out with the owner and I can transfer the library to you.

Hi, no I am not interested, I was thinking that it may be of interest to Particle, like when the DHT lib was taken over here:

oh it was the eliteio github account that could perhaps take it over.
Do you know who was in that account?

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