Bringing Core(s) back into use

I have a two Cores that have been out of use for at least a year. Now I want to re-purpose.

I have a couple of problems and this is one:

When I try to verify code, including Particle example code I get make errors like

make: *** No rule to make target `1-strandtest.o’, needed by …

This happens for all code except the “Blink an LED” examples. How do I fix?
I am using Particle Build from Firefox/Ubuntu.

The second problem is to do with firmware versions where for old code on old devices I am being asked to change the firmware target. Maybe that should be a new topic.

Can you :star: your core in the devices tab and try to compile an empty user firmware?

That should work fine and give us some indication what’s wrong.

Thank you for your interest. A new empty App compiles ok.

The example app that comes with the Dotstar library produces the error (ie 1-strandtest.ino).

Choosing an app at random, say 1-servo_gong from the MakerKit library also produces the error.

Can you paste the error here?

make: *** No rule to make target 1_servo_gong.o', needed bya4692127e6…elf’. Stop.

Weird… Mine compiles fine

Can you click on “Share this revision” and paste the link here?

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Sorry for delay. Share is here:

Tested working.

Did you :star: the core you want to use in the devices tab?

Yes I starred the device. At this stage I am not downloading, only verifying and the compile/build works ok with a blank app or with the LED Test apps.

Also tested from another linux and from Windows 10 with the same failure result. You confirmed the build is ok at your end so am beginning to think it is something about the device firmware.

Can you provide a screenshot of the web ide with your devices tab where the details of that particular core is expanded?

You can either mask the device ID or send me a PM.

The device wavehelper is on line and flashing green. It is just that the screen capture does not show that.

What is confusing me is that this is a Make error and I assume that Make is running on the Particle servers not on any of my equipment. Plus I ought to be able to Verify code without an active target - is that right?

Can you select the system firmware to 0.7.0 instead?

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Well done, that worked, thank you.