Problem compiling locally for Core

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I tried downloading firmware from here and it is building fine with this command make clean all PLATFORM=photon -s program-dfu
1) what is it building and there is no program in user/src? is not clear about this. Also I could not give PLATFORM=core

So I decided to follow this

I could build core-common-lib
but when I try to build core-firmware after downloading ‘core-communication-lib’,
I get this error

../../core-common-lib/SPARK_Firmware_Driver/inc/hw_config.h:37:20: fatal error: rgbled.h: No such file or directory
 #include "rgbled.h"

2) How can I compile a project locally for Core with either on the routes I’m trying?

@zandegran, you can only build for the Core from the “main” directory as the Core uses a monolithic image. Building from “modules” will work for both the Photon and the Electron.

When you don’t specify “APP=appdirectory”, where appdirectory is the directory containing you app files under “user/applications/” directory, then the default tinker app will be built.

Try running make clean all PLATFORM=core PARTICLE_DEVELOP=1 form the “main” directory to see if you get a good build. :wink:

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Many Thanks @peekay123

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