Bridging contacts remotely?

I just got a spark (I’m absolutely blown away by the quality of every aspect of this project, kudos) and I’m excited to see what kind of silly tinkering I can do with it. But I realized I don’t know how to do something pretty simple even though I’ve done some minor electronics stuff before in school.

If I want to use my spark to control something like, say, a controller’s buttons, that would require connecting the two contacts under the button so that power goes through. But how do I get my spark to do this? I know that to do this with AC current, like turning something on/off, you’d use a relay board (which I did get), but surely there’s another way for simple low-voltage DC current, right? (I feel like I’m missing some terribly obvious solution here)

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You just need a low-power Solid State Relay for the job!

Cheap as well :slight_smile:

See this for more learning: