Boron preorder sim card included?

will a sim card be included int the boron 2g/3g preorder or should I add a iot sim card as well to my order.


The Boron does not include a SIM card, however you don’t need one as there is a MFF2 embedded SMD Particle SIM on the Boron, in addition to the 4FF nano SIM card slot for a 3rd-party SIM card. The Boron can use either.


will there be a choice of a provider allowed for? reason i ask based on 2 of the current providers, t-mobile and at&t, t-mobile offers very poor service coverage in my area and at&t offers very good service coverage. so, it will be a world of difference for me if the onboard smd sim is t-mobile and not at&t. i’d have no desire to use a paid 3rd party at&t sim in that event. most likely would cancel the boron.

The embedded MFF2 SIM on the Boron 2G/3G will only use T-Mobile in the United States. And the Boron LTE will only use AT&T.

In the United States we really do recommend going with the Boron LTE in most areas. It’s less expensive, too.

i was completely unaware that there was even a 2G/3G boron. i ordered the LTE so it is good to hear that the provider is at&t. thanks.

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Hey @rickkas7 Could you all put that in your Cellular FAQ’s? It would have saved me good amount of time initially setting up the Boron. Thank you!