Boron LTE- support

It appears that in order to use the the Hologram SIM with LTE Cat M1, you need to explicitly select the carrier.

You need to send AT+UMNOPROF=xx command where xx is the profile number below.

Mobile Network Operator (MNO) configuration:
* 0 (default value): SW default
* 1: SIM ICCID select
* 2: ATT
* 3: Verizon
* 4: Telstra
* 5: TMO
* 6: CT

You should send these three commands from the Cellular.on() state (but not connected):

int mnoProf = 3;
Cellular.command("AT+UMNOPROF=%d\r\n", mnoProf);

The setting is saved in the NVRAM in the modem so you only need to do it once.

I was unable to use AT&T (2) with the Hologram SIM, though AT&T works great with the built-in Particle SIM.

Verizon (3), however did work for me (in the United States) with the Hologram SIM and a Boron LTE.