Boron LTE & Antenna

I know this topics has been discussed extensively here but would someone be able to take look at this particular antenna and let me know if this would fall under the current Boron FCC certification. Is a monopole whip antenna the same type as flex monopole?

Also, how much does a FCC certification cost on average?

That will not quality under the “same type” part of the “same type and equal or lesser gain in all frequency bands” test for using the Particle intentional radiator certificate. That is to say, all monopole antennas are a different type than trace antennas.

It’s hard to say for certain, but you should assume that FCC Part 15C certification will cost around $10,000, though possibly more, or less.


Thanks @rickkas7 . What about the gain, are those within Boron’s current FCC certification? I know that alone isn’t sufficient to fall under the current certification.

To compare the gains, you just compare the peak gain in dBi values between the two datasheets.

You can see the gain is higher for that antenna in the lower frequency bands so it would be disqualified for reusing the Particle FCC Part 15 C, even if it was the same type.

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Got it. Thanks again.

Just a side note, getting an IOT product ready for production is hard and capital intensive. You guys are definitely making this process easier (kudos to you)but still there is so much more to a smart device. I’m not surprised a lot of companies never make it to the end.


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