Boron flashing blu(like listening mode) activate internal sim card with particle cli command?

After some action to restore Boron from a stade led flashing blue and not possibility to reconnect to the cloud, I ask the support if is possible to activate the internal sim card with a particle cli command? I have activate the 3rd sim card (Cellular.setActiveSim(EXTERNAL_SIM))
For your information if I use the cellular to reconnect by enroll I receive the error:request failed: not found (404).
Can any people give my a suggestion to restore the Boron?
Thanks Valentino

Did you get an answer?

The docs provide a way to do via code


( )

But when you have activated the external SIM you probably also have set new credentials via Cellular.setCredentials() which is a persistent setting. Consequently you have to clear these too via

// Clears any existing credentials. Use this to restore the use of the Particle SIM.

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But in order to have these commands executed before entering Listening Mode, you probably want them in a STARTUP() macro or in a SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC) project.

In order to flash that reset code you can use DFU Mode particle flash --usb <yourReset.bin>

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Next I will try your suggestion, I don’t have ask the support I made write wrong, I have intend the community.

For the moment thanks, I appreciate your help.

Hello Mr. ScurffR good news! Thanks for your support and suggestion. For your information I use this procedure and everything works fine:
Setting up a 3rd-party SIM card - Boron
Boron is alive!
Grazie di cuore

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