Boron + ESP32-S2 TFT Alternatives

Good afternoon, Particle community!

I'm currently working on a project that involves the Boron 404X device for reliable communications. The device needs to have a user interface, input (three buttons on the board is ideal) and WiFi.

For prototyping purposes, I'm currently using a ESP32-S2 Reverse TFT Feather that will communicate with the Boron. I'd like to find a more integrated solution. I want to have the second processor (the ESP) so the Boron can be free to handle most external comms.

Essentially, I want an ESP32-S2 with TFT/WiFi/three buttons as a FeatherWing (if that makes any sense.) Any thoughts or experience out there that might make the BOM smaller and drop the cost without sacrificing any of those features?

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