Keyboard FeathwerWing

I recently purchased this Keyboard FeatherWing that compliments the Particle Boron nicely. Since its based on the Feather form-factor, you could use it with any compatible controller.

I’m currently using it as a test/debug console. But there are so many possibilities!

It is currently out of stock on Tindie, but Pimoroni is still carrying it.

Thanks to @RWB for the idea to cross post this here.


Yes! So Many Possibilities for this indeed :spark:

Don’t forget we now have access to the extra 2MB of Flash on the Gen3 Devices so lots of new room for bitmap images for LCD screens like this.

They also sell the keyboards separately if you wanted only that for a project.

Everybody should checkout @mohit Twitter.

That’s where he hides all his cool electronic art projects :grinning:


that was an amazing visit to Twitter, thank you both @mohit and @RWB!

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