Anyone interested in an Electron Feather

I’ve been thinking about making an Electron Feather - Perhaps Particle want to make it… Then I can just purchase those

  • Content deleted - due to incompatibility with Feather Spec - as per comments below.
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I don’t see the driver for Particle to make something like this because the pin use is not compatible with the feather specification and when they have the Boron. Why not add an external RTC to your Boron? Is this what you require as a timer?

OK thanks - I didn’t realize it wasn’t compatible with Feather Specs I had tried pretty hard to maintain compatibility. Consider this thread closed then.

although i think it is a great idea to bring some 2gen devices into 3gen feather form factor, maybe doing so particularly with the boron kinda struggling with performance/stability issues would create another negative downforce on sales of the boron. seems to me particle could make the pins & feather compatiblity work. but part of naming one device a gen2 and the other a gen3 is kind of a past/future thing and generally past does not tag along in to the future.