Boron Does Not Receive Events or Function Calls

We are having the following issue with our Borons on 1.4.4, 1.5.0, 1.5.1:

  • Boron is connected to cloud
  • Boron can publish data
  • Boron receives webhook responses via a Particle.subcribe event handler
  • Boron does not receive events to that same event handler coming from the API or the console
  • Boron does not respond to ping events or signal events except when they occur immediately before it publishes data
  • Flashing Tinker onto the Boron displays the same issues. The device can publish to the cloud, but the Tinker functions do not work and neither do ping or signal

This is not crippling our product, as the device checks in every 5 mins or so and gets settings at those checkins, but it eliminates our product’s advertised feature of immediate settings delivery.

We are working with Particle support on the issue, but I’m curious if anyone else is having the same issue.

I having the same issue, but it works i think the first 30 mins then it doesn´t work. Did you try to set the keep-alive shorter than 23 mins?