Issue on Saturday 12/10/22 - was there a cloud problem?

I have had a Boron running fine for well over a year. As part of its function, when a specific event happens, it fires off a call to a webhook which results in sending an SMS. There is code to limit this call to once per half hour if the specific event continues. And that has also been working just fine.

On Saturday, 12/10/22 it started firing off calls to the webhook every 6 seconds or so. The only reason that might happen is if it didn’t get an acknowledgement from the Particle Cloud that the webhook call was received (the assumption there is that the call did not go through). So it fired off webhook calls for probably 10 minutes before we noticed the problem and disconnected the Boron. The unit was restarted today with no problem.

Can anyone tell me if there was some kind of issue with the Particle Cloud on Saturday, 12/10/22 sometime around 11:20 AM EST?

I can add code to detect this kind of problem (repeated calls with no acknowledgement) and only retry a certain number of times before re-trying, but I’d like to have some idea if the issue was external.

I haven’t found a way to contact directly to get this kind of question answered.

Thank you.

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