Boron continuously restarts when using electronsample

I’ve used @rickkas7 excellent electronsample library for a while now with deployed Electrons. I’m now switching to Boron’s for a new product and was wondering if there is a library that is compatible? I tried using the same library and it seems to be compatible, except that the device blinks red, then breathes white, and then reconnects to the network every 3 minutes or so. I removed the library and everything seems to work fine. It reports connection events 14 and 15 before restarting the modem most often.

Am I better off just monitoring the cell status myself? Or is there a solution already built that I can leverage?

@rickkas7 - do we have something similar to Electronsample premade for the Boron?

No, and the electronsample includes some techniques that are no longer necessary with more recent Device OS and probably should be avoided.

For example, Device OS will handle power cycling the modem by itself after failing to connect for 10 minutes, and the technique built into Device OS is more reliable. It uses the GPIO that controls the MOSFET that powers the device, rather than doing it in software.

Ahh great to hear. Is this documented anywhere? What OS version takes care of this? I currently have ~50 Borons on OS 1.5.2 as I’ve been unsure as to the status of the first LTS based on perusing the forums. Using 1.5.2, I’ve definitely had many instances of the Boron entering a breathing white state which seems to quickly go away after physically restarting them. Are the changes you mentioned implemented >1.5.2?

@rickkas7 is there an OS version where this took effect? I didn’t see it listed in the changelog anywhere.

The first pass at resetting the modem after repeated failures using AT+CFUN=15 was added in 1.2.0-rc.1 and there have been additional changes since then.

The improved logic to make sure the modem actually powered down looks like it was added in 1.0.1-rc.1.

Interesting. Is there a simple way to capture those events? Are they logged at all? I have several devices that seem to get stuck breathing white and am wondering if there are any attempts to rectify it.

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