Boron already setup - needs to be turned into gateway

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I’ve had a Boron for a while and I did not create a mesh network when I set it up. I just bought a xenon and I need to create a mesh network to connect it. How do I go about turning a Boron into a gateway after it has already been through the initial setup?


You can put the Boron back into Listening/Setup Mode (blinking blue) and “add” it again via the mobile app, this time opting for using it in a Mesh network - just as if you would set it up for the first time.


I wish I had just done that now, but I also wanted to change the account it was linked to so I released the device and SIM and tried to add it again creating a mesh this time. Now I’m stuck with this situation:

I’m trying to re flash the firmware but having trouble getting my computer to see it.

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