Boran and Redcap connectivity? (Required for HIPPA compliance)

I am building a hardware to run a study with a vulnerable population outside labs environment.
Given that I need to submit a medical IRB, I have to ensure that the data is uploaded from the hardware directly to a Redcap server. Redcap and a medical dropbox are both considered as HIPPA compliant infrastructures at my institute.
Before I begin the investigation, I was wondering whether anyone have tried what I need to do.
I am looking forward to your help and advice.


This is possible, but not easy to do. The reason is that the Boron is not intended to interact with a web site like Redcap. The Boron does not have built in TLS/SSL encryption capabilities, and does not have any built-in features for interacting with a web site.

There are 3rd-party libraries for TLS/SSL, and you could interact with a web site using low-level HTTP, but this would be a lot of fairly complex low-level effort beyond what you actually need to do for your project.