Boron BLE connection to Blood pressure monitor or Heart Rate Monitor


I have recently started working on a project where I am suppose to use Boron and connect to a Blood Pressure Monitor + Heart Rate Monitor using BLE and read Blood Pressure and Heart Rate data.

I followed the tutorial example given here:

which BTW has excellent description on the BLE concepts.

So, in my case, it boils down to 2 services:

Blood Pressure UUID 0x1810
Heart Rate UUID 0x180D

And 2 characteristics:

Blood Pressure Measurement (0x2A35)
Hear Rate Measurement (0x2A37)

Following the example from here:

As far as I understand, these sensor devices transmit the data with SERVICE/CHARACTERISTIC info and the receiving device (in my case Boron) will read the data after a successful connection

Following the example, I have ordered iGPSPORT Heart Rate Monitor sensor (from Amazon) for my testing. In the product description, it says that this sensor can be connected to any receiving device. So, I am assuming that there is no security (password/pin) requirement and as far as I have the correct SERVICE/CHARACTERISTIC info in the Boron code, I should be able to read the data. Is my understanding correct?

Also, is there such a universal Blood pressure device as well. I was not able to locate one so far. I checked couple of vendors and the are advertising that their Blood Pressure devices can be used to connect to any 3rd party devices with their SDK/API. I am assuming that means these devices do not have open connection to other receiving devices and will only connect when proper password/pin (via API) is provided. Did I understand this right?

I will place an order for the Blood Pressure Monitor as soon as I have received some feedback on what to order.

Thanks for your help,

Blood pressure device from Beurer works!
For details, please look at my other post: