Booting with solid white, then immediately blue led flashing mode

What does that means?

I have been having trouble with this device for a long time with strange behaviors… It’s the one referred to here: Is my photon dead?

I left it this time reporting weather connected directly to the power outlet and disabled all sleep functions (including deep sleep) (using an adapter of course), and then suddenly stopped reporting… I found it off… with no lights… I rebooted and it now goes from a solid white after the reset button is pressed to a flashing blue in normal pace.

Any idea what that means?

Just by your descriptioin I’d guess your device has lost the WiFi credentials.
This is the same behaviour as if you had called WiFi.clearCredentials() or held down SETUP for more than 10sec without RESET.

Try entering the WiFi credentials again.

Why does this happen?? I didn’t called that mode or pressed that button?

How can I know if this photon is the cause of trouble? The code it’s running it’s very straight forward… And it’s different from the old one that was giving me trouble… Is there a diagnostic routine I can call to check the health of the memory, etc?

This might have to do with this issue

There is some discussion going on about it, so you might have to stay tuned on the issue

It appears to be related… Il standby…

For ref. See this post for possible solution: