BM-09 Dev Board (Design stage)

Hello Spark community,

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the awesome folks! :smiley:

With the Photon shipping in 3 months time, @Harsh and I thought about how best we can contribute to this :sparkles: new development kit and benefit the community + developers.

##BM-09 Dev Board (Basic)##

Here are some of the features we have in mind:

  1. breakout of ALL the pins on BM-09 (Bluetooth co-existence, RGB, MODE button)
  2. JTAG connector for those wanting to dive into low-level stuff
  3. Debugging through USB via FTDI chip
  4. Coin cell holder to explore Vbat functionality
  5. 9/12V to 3.3V SMPS circuitry
  6. SMA + U.fl + Chip antenna
  7. Current measurement test-points
  8. Lipo 1S charging + 3.3V Buck converter
  9. more…

We hope that this Dev-board would all developers to have a stable and comprehensive dev board that allows them to focus on product building with the ability to debug and explore the entire capabilities of the BM-09.

It’s still in the early stage but our target is to have the first prototype in our hands by the 3rd week of Jan 2015 for testing and re-iteration.

Stay tuned for more updates! :beers: