Blynk Update! You can now share your Blynk interface

I’m impressed with Blynk after using it. Today they announced a update to their app that allows you to share your projects and live data easily without the worry of the end user screwing the app up. See below.

Hey Blynkers,

This might be the most exciting update since our launch!

You’ve built so many cool projects with Blynk, we are amazed! But what’s the point of keeping them for yourself only? Wouldn’t it be great to share your fantastic creations with others?

From now on you are able to share the “Apps" you’ve made with Blynk with your family, friends or even customers.

As always, everything built @Blynk Garage Lab is super easy, fast and looks like magic.

You have the full control over the shared access:
people you’ve shared your project with can’t modify anything. They can only use it.
you can update your app, change the layout, add widgets and it’s immediately synced to everyone.
you can revoke access at any moment

How it works:
Simply distribute the QR code to other people (you can email, print, post to social media, do whatever you want)
Other people just download Blynk app, scan the code and…BOOM! - your app magically opens for them and it’s ready to use. They don’t even need to login or create an account.

Here is a documentation:

Beta version is available for Android
(iOS version is in the development) and it’s free for 30 days. After that, it will be a paid service.

Download Blynk app for Android
Please keep in mind, that this is still an experimental feature with some limitations. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas.
We hope you’ll help us with catching some bugs as well wink emoticon

No way you are still reading! :slight_smile: Update now!

Blynk Team


This is the best news i have had all week!

Cant wait to try it out.

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Yea man it has to be the easiest way to get up and running with a web connected product that you can easily share with others without the chance of them screwing it up! :smile:

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It was one of my requests during the original beta, i was wanting a way my wife could open the garage door easily

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Thank you for sharing it! Please tell us how it worked for you.
Currently developing for iOS, so soon this feature will be cross-platform :wink:

Hey @Escko I see your app has a serial display window widget but I’m not sure exactly how to get that working.

Can we just serial.print or something similar to serial print what ever we want into that serial display widget?

If so if you have the time could you throw together a quick example to show how this works?

I would like to easily see the serial data output on the Blynk app vs having to use a LCD display this info.


Please take a look at this example. Use the Particle connection part and combine with the code from here:

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@Escko Thanks! I had to modify the code to get it working but it does indeed work :smiley:

It’s really awesome to be able to remotely see the serial print data on my phone from anywhere that I have a internet connection.

Here is the modified code to get it to run on the Photon.

Is there any way to resize the terminal widget size so I can see more of the incoming text? I can’t seem to change the size. The only thing I can do is choose to show or not show the input box for the terminal where no window gives you a little more room form incoming text.

I had to add this line of code to keep the Photon connected to the cloud because it was disconnecting after about 30 seconds because of the blocking “while loop in setup”. Adding “SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)” fixed that.

 * Blynk is a platform with iOS and Android apps to control
 * Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the likes over the Internet.
 * You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your
 * projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets.
 *   Downloads, docs, tutorials:
 *   Blynk community:  
 *   Social groups:    
 * Blynk library is licensed under MIT license
 * This example code is in public domain.
//#define BLYNK_DEBUG // Uncomment this to see debug prints
#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
#include "blynk/BlynkSimpleParticle.h"

// You should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (nut icon).
char auth[] = "Enter Token Here";

// Attach a Button widget (mode: Switch) to the Digital pin 7 - and control the built-in blue led.
// Attach a Graph widget to Analog pin 1
// Attach a Gauge widget to Analog pin 2
// No coding is required for direct pin operations!// Attach virtual serial terminal to Virtual Pin V1
WidgetTerminal terminal(V1);


void setup()

  while (Blynk.connect() == false) {
    // Wait until connected
  // This will print Blynk Software version to the Terminal Widget when
  // your hardware gets connected to Blynk Server
  terminal.println(F("Blynk v" BLYNK_VERSION ": Device started"));
  terminal.println("Type 'Marco' and get a reply, or type");
  terminal.println("anything else and get it printed back.");

// You can send commands from Terminal to your hardware. Just use
// the same Virtual Pin as your Terminal Widget 

  // if you type "Marco" into Terminal Widget - it will respond: "Polo:"
  if (String("Marco") == param.asStr()) {
      terminal.println("You said: 'Marco'") ;
      terminal.println("I said: 'Polo'") ;
  } else {

  // Send it back
  terminal.print("You said:");
  terminal.write(param.getBuffer(), param.getLength());

  // Ensure everything is sent

void loop()
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Hi, widget resizing is planned, but it’s not the highest priority currently. So it will be done later.

Glad you liked Terminal. It’s a powerful Widget indeed :slight_smile:


I’ve been hanging out for this feature, but we can’t get it to work on iOS.

All I get is “this is not a valid Blynk QR code” over and over again.

If I try to scan the code with an android I get “Not a public shared project”.

This happens even with a newly created empty project.

I also get the “not a valid Blynk QR” code scanning a QR generated from an android.

I suspected something wrong with my account, so I tried the other direction, from a freshly created account on a family member’s device, same problem.

Has iOS sharing worked for anyone else?

Hi, sorry for late reply. We have 2 different types of shared projects: cloning and sharing. The issue is that you are sharing or scanning not the right one:

Yeah, it’s a bit confusing, we know :wink:

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