Looking for a workaround to the Boron availability issues, I came across this: Notecard · Blues Wireless

The product page states it will work with any existing MCU or SBC, so we’re thinking about setting it up to work with a stash of Photons we have. From talking briefly with @gusgonnet I understand we could lose the OTA update functionality, would there be other reasons this wouldn’t be an option? We have already discussed webhooks and sending data that’s needed for the product. I do want to add that this is simply a short term workaround until the new product line becomes available.

@Mjones, using an external model would mean losing not just OTA capabilities but ALL Particle cloud capabilities along with DeviceOS-based network communications. There is no way to “divert” the DeviceOS communications stack (which on the Boron is done through the closed-source Nordic Softdevice stack) to an external modem.


Thanks @peekay123. Any chance Particle wants to add this to their lineup? :sweat_smile:
I guess we’ll keep looking for a temporary solution.

@Mjones, Particle already has devices for that so there is no value in adding a third-party device to their portfolio. Like most other companies, Particle’s supply chain was affected by the pandemic and is recovering, albeit slowly. You unfortunately have to be patient!


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