Blink a LED for prior Android versions

Is it possible to get from Spark the Blink a LED App to run the mini-app Tinker in Androids with versions < 4.0? Thank you.

Hi @Palliser - you could write your own Android app to call our API, but our app does not support Android versions less than 4.0. We will be releasing the Android open source code soon, at which point you could port the app, if you were so inclined

Technically, my phone is Android 4.1 compatible, but I still cannot run the app, but only because I can’t access Google Play.

The simple solution would be to make it available on where I could install it and it would work just fine. Would this be possible? If it was available, I could actually get past step 1 in Getting started. The more complex option would require me to void warranty of the phone (Jolla), and install the app manually in developer mode, or wait for Google to acknowledge the existance of the phone.

@theikka - have you tried setting it up over USB? The mobile app is not necessary to work with the Spark Core.

I learned about that option yesterday and have tried that now. I managed to set the connection parameters and eventually got breathing cyan. I’ll read more documentation when I find the time, but at least it’s now blinking an LED after I figured that I need to connect one. Thank you.

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