BLE Device Name Customisation for Pairing

I am trying to understand how best to change the device name that is seen when Pairing. On the P2 I am using I see that the default is of format PSeries-999999. Can this be simply read using String deviceName() const; and set using size_t appendLocalName(const String& name);? i.e. this is only relevant to Bluetooth?

Hey, on Argons and Borons I do exactly that.
e.g. for getting device name:



I think what you are looking for is this in the DCT (configuration flash):

ssid prefix	1826	26

On the P2, it’s actually the whole BLE device name (DEVICE_NAME_DCT_OFFSET is an alias to the same DCT offset as DCT_SSID_PREFIX_OFFSET).

You can set this in DFU mode (alt=1), or you can set it from device firmware.

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