BLE advertising during sleep

Hi all, I’ve been reading the reference and tutorials to better understand replacing mesh with BLE, but I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with BLE advertising with the intent to wake from sleep 2.0. Perhaps, I’m misunderstanding what I thought this should do, but if I start advertising then go to sleep with both .ble() and .duration() sleep config, my argon give the red SOS instead of sleeping. However, this works fine on a xenon for some reason. What silly mistake am I making?

If I remove any one of the three: ble wake, duration wake, or advertising, then the argon has no issue.

// run in manual mode for BLE offline mode

//BLE setup
const BleUuid serviceUuid("7cf29a2d-f244-45e3-8bd3-f4b86c974677");
BleAdvertisingData bleData;
SystemSleepConfiguration config;

void setup() {
  // give a human a chance to see the white LED
  // turn on BLE because we're in manual mode

  // create the data for advertising and advertise

  // example sleep config from argon reference

void loop() {

@ismaelSB will take a look!

@electrophoenix @marekparticle
I am having this issue as well. Have you been able to solve the problem?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make any progress on this particular issue. I’d love to get back at it if anyone has any ideas.

Unfortunately, the main problem is the wakeup that you set, in this case, the Argon can’t use the time to wake up the device, you need to use a pin.
If you delete the line


the code works, but the device never wakes up.

Take a look at the documentation to read more about this:

Thanks for the reply, @ismaelSB. The documentation you pasted says there’s a limit of 24 days in STOP mode, and elsewhere in the documentation it also says that the RTC is active in STOP mode. Part of my config is specifying SystemSleepMode::STOP, so shouldn’t this code still work?

Hey Steve,
I understand the same as you from the docs:

The SystemSleepMode::STOP mode is the same as the classic stop sleep mode (pin or pin + time).
Real-time clock (RTC) is kept running.
BLE is kept on if used as a wake-up source (Gen 3 devices only).
Can wake from: Time, GPIO, analog, serial, and cellular. On Gen 3 also BLE and Wi-Fi.

@mariano , have you done any tests with Bluetooth and sleep?

I haven’t done any tests, but will try to replicate this in the next few days.