BLE 5 Long Range (Coded Phy, 125 kbps) mode. How to engage?

Working on a design that requires the Boron to scan and connect to a BLE sensor using Long Range mode – i.e. Coded PHY, 125 kbps. This is required to get enough coverage in large houses.

I’m using Particle DeviceOS 2.0.0 with the VSCode IDE. I find the BLEScanParams datatype only includes version, size, interval, window, timeout, active, none of which allow selecting Coded PHY modes. There’s nothing I can find in the documentation either.

Particle’s blog entry ([Bluetooth 5 and NFC for IoT: Now available on Particle third generation devices – Particle Blog]) from June 2019 lists BLE 5 Long Range as a feature arriving in Device OS 1.3.0, so it should be there. I know it’s supported by the nRF52840 chip w/SD140, and I’ve written C code for the Nordic DevKit that uses it as well. So, how can I engage it in code using the Particle OS? Thanks in advance!

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It’s not currently possible to enable it using Device OS APIs. There’s an open feature request for this feature, but there isn’t a timeline for it yet.

Well that is a real shame. There should be and it should be a priority now that Particle has taken away mesh.