Bluetooth 5 Long Range option

Since the Argon has the Nordic nRF52840 with Bluetooth 5 and the long range option, I was wondering if there is any way to use the long range with the code, setting it up.

I looked in the documentation and in the forum but nothing came up.

Thank you very much!

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BLE is intended for low data rate sensor applications. I have read somewhere in the documentation but frustratingly now can’t find it again that circa 50KB/s is a realistic/highest data transfer rate when using 236 bytes as the size of a characteristic. I believe the data transfer rate is auto selected related to the size of the data. I could be wrong.

Did you mean this one?

Yes - thank you that was it. :smile:

@JJJimbo I found the following in some code written by a Particle developer. Is this what you were after?

// Speed up transmission (this works for Particle devices talking to Particle devices
// but can break communications to iPhones as they have higher latencies)
BLE.setPPCP(12, 12, 0, 200);
// Increase transmit power to max
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@JJJimbo I found this and thought it would help.

The Bluetooth 5 specification has introduced a number of improvements, including 125kbs or 500kbps ‘long range’ mode, allowing you to increase range at the cost of a reduced data rate and increased average current consumption. Maximum output power is also increased from +10 dBm to +20 dBm, boosting potential range further.

Tested by Nordic: Bluetooth Long Range