Better way to firmware update via USB

Hello particle community, I just got my Electron the other day and obviously wanted to flash the unit via USB :sunglasses: but to my surprise I can’t do it via the Web IDE an obviously I wasn’t going to use 22kb of my precious wireless data :scream:. so I used the terminal option connecting over USB . And now that the Electron is out of pre orders and people might be in my same situation as me and maybe they are not as advance as me :sunglasses: (not really ) :joy:, but seriously not all beginners know how to use Terminal (mac) and depending on what they do they can delete files accidentally

Side note: raspberry pi is the best why to learn how to use the command line

Anyways this is my recommendation to particle. I have an X-carve this is a cheap and simple CNC and they have a very similar way to interact with the device. it uses a Web app to send the G-code to an Arduino via the USB on the computer.

They are able to comunicate with the unit with a background app that you have to download and when you use the web app Easel it knows that unit is connected.

hope this can be implemented in the future. :grinning: