Best for very NOOB core user

What is the easiest way to port Arduino code over to the Core that includes libraries such as SoftSerial?

What is the best compiler to pre-compile the code for the Core?

Many are easy enough, but SoftwareSerial is not one of them. See a couple other threads here on the same topic:

Read here about how to setup a local toolchain:


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I looked over the documentation. Seems like a big step backward compared to the arduino with a WiFi shield and using the arduino IDE.

Not a complaint but,
Will the core ever be able to just compile libraries and flash?

You have to understand that the Spark Core is brand new and not just another Arduino clone. Arduino wasn’t built in a day either… and SoftwareSerial was the result of NewSoftSerial that was a user interrupt driven implementation of UARTs that was shoe-horned into the Arduino IDE way late. Spark Core is $39, and Arduino is $29.95 plus Wifi shield $39.95 and you need a big box for it all to go in. Won’t plug into a breadboard for easy debugging either.

Not really trying to debate because I honestly feel that the Spark Core is already a big stop forward compared to the arduino with a wifi shield, but it’s entirely possible to have the libraries “just compile and flash” over the air too! We’re working on that right now! You and I :smile: and a whole bunch of other Sparkies :spark:


Ya sorry that got a little ranty! Defiantly the core will be an awesome platform, I just had a dooooohhhhh moment when I thought I’d port my BBQ smoker probe code over to the Core with my morning coffee! All was happy until I wanted to display the temp out on a serial LCD!
It will be awesome when it gets more developed! The little core and 5 wires for this project!

I just need to slow my roll and remember this is a work in progress.

Now if you wouldn’t mind…and I mean this in all sincerity as someone who really doesn’t know…
So what makes the arduino different from the Core that you can’t use #include for libraries? Is it just because there is no IDE for it other than the online version yet? Boot loader stuff?

The ability to include external libraries on the web IDE is on the top of the priority list and the target is to hit this goal within the coming week!

Thanks for being patient!