Best AWS location for latency?

Hi all

I’m just deciding where to host my server, I understand the Particle services are located on AWS East Coast? I also read that Particle was deploying in multiple regions soon. Is this true, or is East Coast still the way to go? @Dave?

Hi @G65434_2,

Good question! At the moment most US regions are a safe bet, but US East will probably be slightly faster / cheaper bandwidth. I’m excited for extra regions that should be coming online later this year. We’re in the process of further simplification and automation of our deployment system which will help with the rollouts later. :slight_smile:



Awesome, thanks Dave

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Latency rate depend upon your website traffic and data center location. So it better to choose a data center close to your major traffic source.

I have installed Magento on AWS with data center in US and it’s working perfectly fine.