Latency measurements


We’re building a web app to control our Argon and Boron devices.
We’re situated in Australia, Sydney.

Our webapp is built on Firebase and hosted in the US (hosting location chosen as close to particle’s servers as possible).

Currently we’re experiencing device response times (clicking the UI button to the device reacting) of 1s to 12s.
Operating the device directly using the particle cloud console gives similar results.

We wish to track the latency of each part of the communication chain. This is possible on our side of the application but becomes more difficult from where we send the command to the particle API. We’re interested to see the different latency points between the particle cloud and the device at the most granular level possible.

  1. Does particle cloud offer information on latency between their cloud service and our device? (how long does the device take to respond to their call? How long do their servers take to process our API calls?)

  2. Are there any recommendations either in improving or measuring these latency times?

Thank you for the advice in advance

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