Cloud interaction speed?

I’d be interested in what speeds other people are getting on commands issued to particle boards.

I built a lamp on a particle board. It uses 2 neopixel rings (RGBW), which can get controlled using a remote (openhab, so I can control from android, my pebble watch, and some other remotes)

It worked nicely BUT wow was it slow. I was seeing about 6second delays between telling the lamp to turn on, and it actually turning on.

I re-jigged it to use cloudMQTT instead and it’s much faster (less than 1 second). It could be on local mosquitto but I’m avoiding running a server right now.

How were you controlling your device? Using the Particle CLI? Did you try doing it manually, using perhaps a curl command, to see the delay?

i am controlling it using a curl command.

This is easy to test with the Tinker app and a phone (or curl if you like). For me the time is around 500-600ms (around 1/2 of a second).

When I measure the round-trip time to any AWS host (like those used by Particle) it comes out about the same so I don’t think the Particle cloud code is the rate determining step in the process.

I did some performance tests earlier today on calling functions and for me the round-trip is about 300ms on average.