Battery Causes usb port and other components to get hot

So as the title says when I connect the 4500mah Lipo (or at least that’s how it was marketed) the battery port and the usb port get HOT. Needless to say I unplugged the battery quick, but repeated the experiment to make sure I wasn’t going crazy (first time working with any kind of lithium battery).

I solved the problem by replacing it with a battery I didn’t buy off of Amazon but as an Engineering student I’d love to get your input on what would cause this to happen. Reversed voltage? Too high of an input voltage?

After looking at the schematic I’m thinking reverse voltage into the common ground.

Without knowing your battery voltage just mAh and no info about rest of your setup...
we are not wizards :man_shrugging:t3: It’s hard to tell.

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Take a look at the JST connector on both Li-Po batteries.
I’ve had to swap the polarity at the connector when buying Amazon or Ebay Li-Po’s.
It’s easy to do, but it sure does get exciting when you forget to check :slight_smile:

It’s a single cell standard Lipo. It’s 3.7v

Thank you. I’ll look into JST connectors and check the polarity with my multimeter. Thank you very much.

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