Basic draft of a network communication between java and the spark

Hello everyone.

I’d thought i would share this for the community. THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROCESS.

What it does:
1: spark broadcasts an udp packet on the network under a port.
2: java listens to the same port.
3: if the packet if found, takes the ip adress from that packet.
4: creates a TCP connection
5: Writes something on the connection.
6: spark bounces the message back.

Currently the code is not optimized, this is just a working code first draft.
broadcast will be done with an interrupt timer later.

Do note, my primary language is dutch, and this is still a work in process.
Some commentary can be in dutch, when i have a final draft i will do a full translation.

spark code.

//tcp server / udp server.
TCPServer server = TCPServer(23);
TCPClient client;
UDP Udp;
int minuut;

void setup()
    // start listening for clients
    minuut = 0;

void loop()

//accepteerd connectie en bounced bericht.
void connecttcp(){
    if (client.connected()) {
    // echo all available bytes back to the client
    while (client.available()) {
      //if( == '1'){
          //server.write("een ontvangen!");
  } else {
    // if no client is yet connected, check for a new connection
    client = server.available();

//broadcast een bericht op udp
void broadcast(){
    if(minuut == 1000){
    //Udp.beginPacket(IPAddress (255,255,255,255), 4800);
    Udp.beginPacket(IPAddress (192,168,1,255), 4800);
    minuut = 0;

java classes

public class Apl {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception 
		//zoeken naar de udp broadcast functie van de spark. 
		UDPServer udpserver = new UDPServer();
		System.out.println("Spark zit op ip: " + udpserver.getIP().toString());
		//Zet een TCP verbinding op.
		TCPClient client = new TCPClient(udpserver.getIP());;
// Client Side

public class TCPClient {
	private InetAddress ip;
	TCPClient(InetAddress ip)
		this.ip = ip;
  public void run() {
	try {
		//socket poort van de spark, in te stellen in de firmware van spark zelf.
		int serverPort = 23;
		System.out.println("Verbinding maken met spark op poort: " + serverPort); 
		Socket socket = new Socket(ip,serverPort); 
		System.out.println("Connectie opgezet met: " + socket.getRemoteSocketAddress()); 
		PrintWriter toServer = 
			new PrintWriter(socket.getOutputStream(),true);
		BufferedReader fromServer = 
			new BufferedReader(
					new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream()));
		//Bericht versturen(op dit moment krijg je een bounce).
		toServer.println("Dit is wat ik verstuur naar de spark"); 
		//bericht ontvangen
		String line = fromServer.readLine();
		//bericht weergeven.
		System.out.println("Bericht ontvangen: \'" + line + "\' van de spark");
		//alles afsluiten.
	//error handling.
	catch(UnknownHostException ex) {
	catch(IOException e){
//Deze klass is hier om het ip adress te verkrijgen van de spark.
class UDPServer
	//private waarde ip adress.
	private static InetAddress ip;
	UDPServer() throws Exception
		//zet ip op null, blijf zoeken voor 1500ms.
		ip = null;
	public InetAddress getIP(){
		return ip;
	//zoek naar de broadcast van de spark.
	public void search() throws Exception
         	DatagramSocket serverSocket = new DatagramSocket(4800);
            byte[] receiveData = new byte[1024];
            while(ip == null)
                  DatagramPacket receivePacket = new DatagramPacket(receiveData, receiveData.length);
                  String sentence = new String( receivePacket.getData());
                  //System.out.println("RECEIVED: " + sentence);
                  InetAddress IPAddress = receivePacket.getAddress();
                  int port = receivePacket.getPort();
                  //zet het ip adress vast.
                  ip = IPAddress;

my todo list:
broadcast on interrupt timer
write string on both lines.
do something on the spark with data send.

If you have any questions, ask away ;).

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Rewriten java code to search untill tcp connection established.
rewritten spark code to work with the interrupt library.
Broadcast will be send untill tcp connection made.

to do list:
string function
do something with spark

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Here is a more updated version

The credit to the timer interrupt library goes to: pkourany.

Leave a “thank you” note if you use this.


you might want to consider pasting this in a Gist for easy reference and reducing errors due to copying :smile:

does this work for you?

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Works like a charm. Thanks for considering! :smiley:

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