B-SoM 523 on dev board - can't connect to network

Hi Particles,

I have a B523 SoM Particle module running on a M.2 SoM Evaluation Board, which I last used in 2022 and now can’t get to connect to the mobile data (cell) network. I’m using a 12 volt 2A power adapter as the supply and it appears power is getting to all the right places. The system LED flashes green to infinity and there is no accelerated flashing or any indication it is trying to connect to the network. I used CLI to update the module to the latest version and returned the following confirmation:

PS C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop> particle update

Updating b5som e00fceXXXXXXXXXXXX to latest Device OS version

[█████████████████████████] 100% | Flash success!

Update success!

I also reactivated the SIM, giving it 24 hours to stick with the Telco as I am in Australia but the green flash continues. The Particle console IDE depicts no change in the OS version. The console (predictably) lists the unit as offline.

This unit worked fine in 2022 and I have not changed the switch / jumper configuration on the eval’ board (please see the image for setup).

Before going to Particle support, has anyone any idea why this unit wont connect. I have several Electrons working at this location and my phone is fine, so the network coverage should be good. Does anyone have any ideas why this may not be working?

Getting a log from the web device doctor (or cloud debug tool) is the best way to troubleshoot getting stuck in blinking green.

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Thanks for your advice - the Doctor revived the patient. Unfortunately, the Web IDE doesn't agree. Unit is breathing cyan and the Console recognises the unit online, that it is running the updated OS, can Ping it and Signal works as advertised. The Web IDE, however, does not recognise the updated OS version (in bottom corner device selected indicator) and returns "Device not discoverable or is offline" after the flash fail. I managed to flash a Photon from the same IDE window without problem. Is it possible there's a lag in the IDE device status register?

Just a note to advise that after three days the IDE has started recognising the device update and I can flash to it. Thanks to @rickkas7 for your help.

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