B-SoM 404 Blinking Blue Like SOS

We are using B-SoM 404 in out products.
Lately we are having this issue.
When more than one or two device together in the same small box for long time, they can not connect for long time and they basically dies. It means they starts blink blue in a constant way and most of the time after I relocate them in a better location they just keep working but like %3 of them keep blinking blue.
I need to reflash them from console.particle.com and they work again.
So, I thought maybe there is a connection time out and if a device can not connect to the network for long time, they just dies and need to reflash them.
Is this correct or do you have any idea why they dies? I would like to give you the exact blinking pattern but they already flashed.

Blinking dark blue, like listening mode?

What version of Device OS is on the device?

A cellular device should never go back into listening mode. Devices running 3.x or earlier including 2.x LTS could go into listening mode if the file system was corrupted and reinitialized, which would cause it to go into setup/listening mode until the setup done bit was set.

What exactly are you doing in the console to bring the device back? If the device is offline you can't lock and flash so I'm unclear of what is going on.

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