Availability of P0 and P1

Hi Everyone

I notice that P0 and P1 module are removed from the store, any information regarding those module?



The P0 and P1 are still there, they’re just in the Accessories section now.

Strange to have an ALL PRODUCTS section which doesn’t show all products :wink:

Especially when still having a gift voucher listed as product but a physical device not :confused:

Thank you rickkas7

P0 and P1 are really the bread and butter for Particle at the moment, those module should put in the right place in the store…


@Edward, the modules have been put back in ALL PRODUCTS again.

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Hi ScruffR

Thanks, one question, I’m attaching SHT10 sensor to the I2C bus which doesn’t effect other devices on the bus, but SHT10 doesn’t use I2C protocol and need to change the protocol, is there a easy way to disable and enable I2C protocol on photon device? thanks in front!


If you are not calling Wire.begin() (or undo that via Wire.end()) and the pull-up resistors that are required for I2C devices don’t bother your SHT10, you can use D0/D1 just like any other pin.
But if you are also having I2C devices connected at the same time, they might not be too happy sharing the pins with a non-I2C device, which may interfere with their communication.

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let me try it out again, it seems the I2C is not happy with SHT10, I just want conserve the I/O pin, I may change to a I2C sensor later on, thanks again

Hi Everyone;

Just let everyone knows that SHT1X can attach to I2C bus with other I2C devices, the penalty by using such setup is that I2C protocol need to be disabled before reading the value of SHT1X.

It should be fixed now!