Automatic Mode & Fast Cyan

I’m having issues with the photons that are at the edge of my wifi network going to fast-cyan after 12-36 hours. When it is in fast-cyan flashing it appears that loop() is not called. Is that the case?

I’m thinking I’m going to need to switch to semi-automatic or manual mode and have some sort of keep-alive check where if it fails the photon just turns the wifi off and back on again to reconnect.

Is there anything else I can try? I can’t seem to find a mention of the fast-blink cyan in the docs.

Hi @edalquist

I would wait just a little bit–there are some big improvements in TCP stability that help both the cloud and any TCP connections you make coming in 0.4.4. One of the symptoms of the problem is that you get into a flashing cyan state forever, so I think these fixes will help you.

If you up for the challenge, you can try it out now by building locally.

I had the same problem identifying the meaning of that LED pattern, and would like to see a directory with all the patterns listed, and what they are trying to tell the user. I think there are “here’s the usual/safe-mode/dfu/factory-reset” sequence documents, but not one (or at least not one that is easy to find) that can work as an index the first time you see a particular sequence.

Anyway, there have been some significant fixes in recent days, most likely to improve the situation you describe is #527. I don’t know the timing of the release of these fixes into the web ide, sorry.

Do I need to actually build with 0.4.4 for the fixes? I’ve been following the connection reliability thread and have updated all of my photons to 0.4.4 but am still using the cloud build.

Right now, I think you’d need to build the develop branch locally, I don’t know the release process, so others will need to chime in on that (e.g. when you can build latest locally, when it will be up on the web ide etc etc)

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You can download the latest release files from github releases

Thanks @mdma All of my photons are already on 0.4.4-rc2, I’ll bump them to rc3 this evening. I was still seeing the fast-cyan behavior on rc2.

What I’m not clear on is if the fast-cyan and cloud disconnect bug should be fixed by simply updating the firmware on the photons or if I need to build locally against the 0.4.4-rc3 firmware as well.

Updating the system firmware should be all that’s needed.