Audio Circuit Switching with Spark

That’s good stuff sir, I think this’ll be of help later down the road.

You can use the existing hardware so the Audio is maintained. All the spark does is to do the switching.

We need to see how to modify the hardware and get started :slight_smile:

I shall make a few purchases and be back online within the next day or so with updates! Excited!

Maybe you can look around further before buying? I’m thinking there might be some existing which allows such inputs to control the switch?

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What you need is basically a digitally controlled audio mixer/switcher. I’ll do some research and get back to you.

I would take a concept similar to this, and just use the guts.

Something like this Cirrus Logic CS3308 (or CS3318 depending on voltage).

This would be a bit of a project since it is a LQFP 48 package that is not very hobbyist friendly.

Here’s a link to an adapter [EDIT this adapter is the wrong size–the part is 0.5mm pitch with a 7x7mm body JEDEC MS022]

Here’s one that works:

Is it just a Push Button switching? We can do a simple mod if it is the case

Something similar: