Sending audio through headphone jack using spark core


I would like to know if it’s possible to send an audio signal through a headphone jack using spark core? I have seen links that use an arduino board but I’m stuck on how to make the connections.

Also, is there anything else that I would require for this project?


Hi @k22,

To reproduce good quality sound you need a digital to analog convertor chip (DAC). This chip can be connected to the spark SPIbus for instance.
The new Photon is equipped with a 1 channel DAC, but for audio quality applications I doubt if it is good enough. Most on chip DAC’s are noisy. There is of course a lot going on inside a chip :smile: .

So my advice would be, check if you can find an audio shield for an Arduino, patch it to the Core and write an awesome library that read audio data from an SD card, @kennethlimcp made a good SD card shield.

It won’t be easy, but if you succeed and share your project you will make a lot of new friends!

As @marcus said, the DAC could be noisy. Before buying some shield, what are you planning to do with the audio?


Sorry for the late response and thanks for the information. I had another question actually. Is there any example on streaming audio through Wi-Fi using the ADC as an input?

Not that I am aware off, check the libraries in the online IDE.