Attention Needed - SIMs will be deactivated for your inactive devices: email and consequences


some days ago I received this email, and what is in red worries me a bit:

I may have some dormant devices around, so I need to ask this:

When they get deactivated, I will go to the console and click on “activate SIM”.
Do the devices need to be online here for the SIM to get activated?

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The devices won’t come online with deactivated SIMs; they will blink green forever. That is a good clue to double-check that the SIM is activated.

It’s best to activate the SIM before turning the device on, but if will work in either order. If you turn the device on before activating the SIM it could take longer to come online. It also depends on the kind of SIM. Non-EtherSIM devices can take longer to reactivate.

If you use the Web Device Doctor to troubleshoot a device that is stuck blinking green it will check the SIM and activate the SIM if necessary.


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