Atom local dev compiler missing file reference

I am trying to port the massive and dependency happy Serial Gateway libs to Photon. When I compile and get the expected massive number of errors I am getting the line number and such but not the filename. I am using the local dev (Atom IDE). Is there something I need to setup in Atom to get the pointers to filenames? Anyone want to take a crack at this with/for me? They have done a tremedous amount of work to simplify the nRF24 radios reporting to a central device (a gateway in their terms) and then onto several different HA controllers. I want to use the GW pieces on a Photon that would be packed into a “wall wart” that would then receive sensor data from Sensebender Micros placed around the house. The SenseBender is built to run on battery, has massive support for all kinds of sensors and actuator types. Help with either or both would be greatly appreciated, I will supply a Sensebender module if anyone wants to try to help port this over.

Not a direct answer for your question, but if you have CLI installed, just try particle compile photon . from within your source directory.
This should give you some clearer errors.

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Thank you sir. The libs I’m using have the ifdef statements for the different arduino flavors so I think I have a way to get through this. I’ve been reading other threads related to portability and they are proving helpful. Fingers crossed! A self configuring, simple and scalable low cost RF network that reports to an internet connected powerhouse like the photon (in comparison to the 8mhz mcu on the sensebender micro) will be a great base for machine learned automation of nearly any system. There are some great articles on TechCrunch about what IoT producers should aspire to and I am in full agreement with the overarching view of how IoT really should be. Simple app driven on/off of things isn’t IoT. I digress…I’ll post a link to the libs if I get it working.

@LukeUSMC have you been able to get this to work on the photon? I stumbled across the mysensors website late last night and the technology looks great for a project I want to build.

I have not but then again I didn’t put a a lot into it before and have learned a lot since then. I think it’s absolutely doable and would be a great thing to have available, if you want to team up and get it ported I’d be game. I think there are a few other mysensor fans on here that might pitch in too.