AssetTrackerRK library 0.2.1 released

  • Support for every method in the official AssetTracker library.
  • Unit testing to verify similar results from the official AssetTracker (Adafruit parser) and AssetTracerRK (TinyGPS++) parser.
  • Optional threaded mode eliminates the needed to call updateGPS() and greatly reduces problems with lost or corrupted GPS data caused by serial buffer overflow.
  • Full browsable API documentation
  • Updated WakeOnMove example

One of the fascinating things I discovered is that there’s a loss of precision in the Adafruit parser because of the use of float (4-byte) values when doing certain calculations in degrees. The TinyGPS++ does most calculations using double (8-byte) values. You can see the rounding error in the Adafruit parser (blue) vs. TinyGPS (orange) on a plot of coordinates taken while driving.

The official Github repository is here.
The library is in the community libraries as AssetTrackerRK.


This library should replace the official AssetTracker library


Great job Rickkas7!

I was wondering whether the LIS3DH would support it and how to implement WakeOnStop (no motion) and SleepOnMove features.

The idea is to publish report when the device is on stop.

1/ deep sleep state whenever a motion has been detected for a certain period of time.
2/ wakeup state whenever a no motion has been detected for a certain period of time, publish lat, lng, and set the electron in sleep state.
3/ wake up state whenever a motion is detected for a certain period of time, publish event wakeup, and back to 1/

I cannot figure out how to set the LIS3DH registers to achieve this. if possible.

Thank you for help.

I’m pretty sure wake on stop/sleep on move is impossible with the LIS3DH, but I’ll try to take another look this weekend.

This is indeed the intent – just chatted with @rickkas7 about this yesterday …consider this a “release candidate”.