AssetTrackerRK library 0.2.1 - combining WakeOnMove with AccelerometerDirection

HI @rickkas7,

Is it possible to combine the WakeOnMOve sample from your library, with AccelerometerDirection?
i.e. I would like the device to go to sleep and wake on move, but I’d also like to know the orientation of the device as it changes orientation when awake.

Currently the device boots up, gets a GPS position and orientation. However, once the device goes to sleep, it doesn’t wake up.

I suspect my problem is that i can’t use config.setPositionInterrupt(16) and config.setLowPowerWakeMode(16) at the same time in the code?

If this is the case - do you have any suggestion?

Many thanks

It is possible to wake on position (orientation) change, but it’s not possible to wake on movement or position change.

The reason is that the LIS3DH can only be in one mode (motion detection or position detection) at a time; they’re mutually exclusive.

Since you can’t change position without moving, you could wait until you move, then once awakened, determine the position (orientation). However, this is a little tricky to do with LIS3DH. Because it doesn’t have a gyroscope, it’s hard to determine the orientation when it’s moving because the effect of gravity can easily be confused with the effects from motion.

So really, the LIS3DH is not a good sensor for detecting both motion and orientation at the same time.