Asset Tracker Shield Revisions

I was wondering if the newer revisions of the Asset Tracker shield (v007 which uses Ublox’s MAX M8 GPS module) are tested with the current libraries? (TinyGPS)

Thank you

Are you have issues? If so, can you provide some more information on the issues you are having?

I was just wondering if I should build my hardware with the MAX M8 or stick to the MTK3339. Why was this changed in the later revisions?

Thank you

I am not sure. Perhaps @BDub or @mohit knows?

Hey there, I can chime in. The biggest reason is product quality – u-blox is among the most highly respected GPS providers in the industry, and their hardware is very easy to work with. Since transitioning GPS modules, we’ve seen a big increase in performance (GPS lock from cold start, etc).


Thanks Will! u-blox it is :slight_smile:

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