Asset Tracker Kit v2 is shipped as dangerous goods via FEDEX?

Hi Folks,
I wonder if the Asset Tracker Kit v2 is shipped by FEDEX as Dangerous Goods? If that is the case, FEDEX creates a BIG issue for those who receives dangerous goods in Brazil since the company does not handle the package at customs and asks the customer to handle the situation with customs by himself.
Anyone is aware of the way FEDEX classifies the Asset tracker KIT?
Does Particle ships the asset tracker kit without the battery in order to avoid customs issues?


the distinction is if the batteries are packed “with the equipment” or if the batteries are packed as “part of the equipment”. if packed with then dangerous goods if packed as part of equipment then no restrictions. so it depends on how particle classifies the shipment. as far as i know the rules apply to all domestic & international air transport and some domestic ground shipments that have origin in U.S.A.

Hi dkryder.
Thanks for the clarification.
Do you know how Particle’s team classifies the Asset Tracker Kit for shipment ?

no i do not remember clearly but i think or maybe a guess that the boxes had stickers for the dangerous goods. in the u.s.a. most all batteries are shipped ground with the stickers. my cellphones even have the stickers although according to the rules they don’t need to.

Thanks for the info. I guess we need confirmation from Particle’s team. I hope it is shipped as regular goods.

@KyleG please assist thanks!

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Hey there,

I replied directly to @bsebag in his ticket, but I’ll post in here too so everyone gets the information. For international orders with the LiPo batteries, they’re all considered “dangerous goods” but like @dkryder mentioned, there are different distinctions as for “with the equipment” or “part of the equipment”. I’m double checking with our Ops team on exactly which classification that we have, so as soon as I get that information, I’ll let you all know.

Regardless, any of our international orders with batteries have the “Dangerous Goods” labeling on the boxes. But don’t fret, Particle and our logistics company is up-to-date on all the correct certifications to handle and ship these kinds of packages. With most international packages, they have to go through customs anyway, which sometimes requires additional VAT or import charges, which is completely unrelated to any “Dangerous Goods” labeling or classification.

If you have any issues with receiving your package, please let us know and we’ll work together to get that package to you!

Edit: Just heard from my Ops team: They’re packed with equipment (battery is loose not connected in a device), not contained in equipment (like a computer or cell phone that has a battery inserted in the equipment and shipped).